Are you about to begin a construction project? Well, you need to approach the best flooring contractor in the market to have your job done right. The Fricks Company stands out as one of the best industrial flooring contractors that provide superior quality floors to their clients in the industry. Among the regions where Fricks has generated the most durable floors for over three decades include the USA, the Caribbean, Canada, South America and other destinations world over. The durable floors provide flooring solutions to processing facilities and food distribution firms where there is a consistency in forklift traffic and other machines. Through these services, the Fricks Company has earned a unique reputation in the level of quality and stability experienced by the clients.

Fricks builds a variety of Durable Floors that last ten times longer than the Regular Floors. This is now the major reason why Fricks is branded as the best flooring contractor of all ages. The company provides a class of floors that can’t be compromised in the whole industry especially where mixed constructions such as premium joint, other feature works and configurations such as subgrade and rebar are required.

Since Fricks uses flooring methods that surpass those of other contractors in the industry, it is rated as one of the best concrete floor contractors. These are the durable floors that Fricks provides:

The FSC Advantage Shrinkage Compensating Floor that has joints less by 90 percent. It is an extremely durable floor with reflective components and other characteristics that enable it to tolerate heavy forklifts. This floor has also provided enterprise class businesses with commercial solutions.

The Fricks industrial flooring contractor also provides the FDT Dewatered Traprock Floor that has a unique construction quality that surpasses all other floors.

In addition to these two, the company also provides the FMT Monolithic Traprock Floor that includes a very tough surface. It has a perfect fitting especially in areas that where there is a lot of traffic. It is well known for its exceptional resistance characteristics and the highest level of abrasion you can ever imagine.

Another durable floor is the SFS Superflat Floor that has won the hearts warehouse owners where there are heavy goods and carriage system operators that experience endless traffic. This floor is simply the best for narrow-sided constructions. industrial flooring contractor

The FDF Conventional Floor is yet another one that gives you all the durable solutions at a very affordable cost. In case you need more information contact a Fricks consultant.