If you need the best industrial flooring solutions for a business then Fricks is the right company. The company has received quite a number of safety honors for its floors. Together with the Contractor of the Decade award are 26 other Golden Trowel Awards. The company has a variety of flooring solutions that match one’s needs with ease. The company has a number of durable commercial and industrial flooring solutions and products.

One of these floors is the FSC Advantage Shrinkage Compensating Floor that gives a hard finish and armored joints less by 90 percent. This type of floor tolerates heavy forklift and machinery.

Another durable flooring solution is the FDT Dewatered Traprock Floor. It is the toughest floor provided by Fricks that you can surely find in several buildings. The floor stands unmatched to others because of its scuff capacity particles and contaminants that may harm ordinary floors.

The FMT Monolithic Traprock Floor is durable and cost-effective. It can handle several flooring systems to provide a perfect solution.

The Fricks Company also stocks the FSF Superflat Floor that is properly designed for defined traffic isle ways.

The FDF Floor solves all your regular flooring needs. It is a perfect solution in warehouses and all places where there is a lot of carriage. This floor may be reinforced further by adding the FMT Surface area application which boosts its lifetime. It is possible to get everything in just one location. industrial flooring

In case you have been wondering where to get the best flooring solutions then Fricks Company is the perfect answer. Inquire from a Fricks Representative about all your flooring issues and get the best configuration solutions that are pocket friendly and durable. Getting the best floor decreases the maintenance costs and avoids unnecessary inconveniences thus stepping up the total effectiveness.