With more than 30 years of success in the industry right now, the Fricks Company provides a number of industrial concrete floors. The company provides concrete and slab improvements that are suited for industrial concrete floors. With 26 honors in the category of flatness of the industrial concrete floors group, the company is fully aware of the concrete flat flooring solutions. The Contractor of the Decade award is one of these awards that place the company in a better position. When considering all the essentials of industrial concrete industrial floors such as durability, permanence and the amount of service needed in every single flat floorings then Fricks is the best.

The company has provided services with increasing demand in the US, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, South America and other countries of the world. These concrete industrial floors also fulfill all the industrial facilities needs and the food processing and distribution firms. The sturdiness of the Fricks industrial concrete floors is ten times better than that of the classic industrial floors. It would be a misfortune of gigantic proportions if at all you decided to establish a durable floor without looking at the construction methods provided by Fricks.

Fricks applies an ideal mixture of concrete, rebar, subgrade, joint, detail and other finishing requirements as a superb strategy. In order to match all the requirements for the flat floors needed by their clients, Fricks Company has the FSC Advantage Shrinkage Compensating Floor with joints less by 90 percent when compared to the rest of the industrial floors. For stringent flooring specifications you can have the FDT Dewatered Traprock Floor. For extensive durability we have the starry FMT Monolithic Traprock Floor. There are other floors such as the FSF Superflat Floor and the FDF Floor which have won great honors in the category of flatness. For more information contact a Fricks Representative today.