The Fricks Company gives you the best flooring industrial solutions for your business. The company has gained a lot of safety and durability awards for the floors that they provide for their clients. So far they have garnered 26 Golden Trowel Awards for their services well rendered including the Contractor of the Decade award. You will not only rely on Fricks because of the nature of the awards that they have been able to garner in but also the dependability from clientele in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, South America and other countries in the cradle. It has very durable industrial and commercial products which are used all over.

These flooring solutions include:

· The FSC Shrinkage Compensating Floor that is primarily designed with a hard finish, shatterproof joints and a shell with joints less by 90 percent. It is a long term investment for your business as it can put up with heavy forklift and heavy products.

· The FDT Dewatered Traprock Floor is basically the toughest floor provided by the Fricks Company. It is prominent in several buildings, thanks to its scuff and ability to deal with harmful particles that are mostly injurious to the ordinary floor.

· The FMT Monolithic Traprock Floor is an all-round flooring industrial solution for durability, cost effectiveness and buildings that face a lot of goods traffic such as warehouses and carriage systems.

· The FSF Superflat Floor is yet another solution provided by the Fricks Company especially for traffic aisle ways.

· The high-value oriented FDF floor is yet another one from Fricks for standard floor specifications. It works perfectly well in structures and buildings like warehouses where a lot of carriage is experienced. The FDF Floor may be further strengthened by reinforcing it with the FMT Surface application thus improving its overall lifespan.

One thing I like about Fricks is that you get all your commercial and flooring industrial solutions under one roof. For your personal requirements you can contact a Fricks Representative who will explain to you more about the flooring solutions in details.